(Picture taken at 5 months)

We are beyond ecstatic and honored to welcome our lovely new boy Frenesi!!!
We cannot thank Antonio of Maradan cattery enough for believing in us
and trusting us with this precious boy!!!!
Frenesi is a total butter ball, round all over, chubby and with such short legs!
He has incredible coat texture, as well as lovely doming and ears
that are something seldom seen in an Exotic at such a young age!
A true gem and representation of the breed!

GC Maradan Velociraptor




Ydem Serial Lover of Maradan


Ydem Little Boudha of Kis'Herbas CH, GP, DW Profecii's Bless My Soul of Yquem
DW Diapason's Wonder Kelly of Ydem
Ydem Liu Yquem Lestat
GC, DW Yquem Miss Fran
Blueskyeyes Gabriella of Maradan


GC, NW Blueskyeyes Fiammifero of Oakheaven GC Cattrax Night Owl
GC Vickits Prestege of Blueskyeyes 
Argentovivo Pevla of Blueskyeyes CH Mr. Welcome Zoom-Up of Argentovivo
GC Blueskyeyes Black Pearls of Argentovivo DM
GC Maradan Tormenta


GC Tehy Big Mac of Maradan DM GC, NW Kelsha Great Bear of Tehy DM GC, NW Bolo's Rodeo of Kelsha
GC, GP, RW Kelsha Blessing Way DM
Tehy Aggravation GC Bolo Rumor Hasit of Tehy
Bocasana's Easy Going of Tehy
Maradan Fantasia Maradan Gran Ganga CH, GIC Blueskyeyes Fire Line
Eau de Gratis Et Amore 

Welcome Claudia Shiffer of Maradan

GC Shadylair's Little Black Bird  
EC Welcome Vive La Vie